The Company

i Com S.p.A. is a commercial Company which operates in the sale of products under “Bontempi” brand. The brand which has been taken over at the beginning of its activity going on in bringing this Italian excellence into national and international markets.

Even today, since 1937, the year in which it was born, “Bontempi” is indisputably the reference of the toy musical instrument, synonymous with music and of the highest quality for all buyers of this area and for all the final customers.

“Bontempi” represents for generations the first steps in the fantastic world of music.

i Com S.p.A., thanks to over 80 years of history in the production of toys and musical instruments, is one of the most qualified companies of its wide market, with the biggest range of musical items for children all over the world.

The commercial network it uses consists of distributors and agents who represent and sell directly and indirectly both in Italy and abroad. It is thanks to them that i Com S.p.A. is strongly present in many countries all over the world with an high evidence of its products on the shelves.

The Company puts its experience at the servive of the many requests of the consumers. You can start from a Baby collection which is dedicated to children under 3 years old with colored toys based on music and lights in order to stimulate their interest in this discipline which is universally considered noble, to go on in the following range where the approach to the imitation of electronic and not electronic instruments allows you to feel immediately the protagonist.

The collection is in fact really large and goes from traditional products such as pianos, wind instruments, accordions, to the most expensive Christmas products, such as drum sets, electronic keyboards, wooden and rock guitars, all perfectly working, tuned and tested.

Bontempi is also very present in the school section thanks to products dedicated to the learning and to the lessons in the classrooms. Especially during recent periods, due to the pandemic, the educational sector in the primary school, has taken on an important role in the research and in the development of the company. The sudden cancellation of the wind instruments, for generations in vogue on school desks, led in an instant to the mass adoption of musical keyboards for everyone. This circumstance has led our Company to an instantaneous change of course and the development of a dedicated range which makes the learning during music time possible and enjoyable. Different models have been developed which can satisfy on one side the requests of teachers according to the ministerial programs and on the other side leave the families free to choose on different price ranges without forcing heavy outlays.

The channels, through which the market, (where i Com S.p.A. sells its products), is structured, are: GDO - Large-Scale Retail Trade, wholesalers and retailers. The Company today boasts a very large and very diversified customer portfolio.

i COM S.p.A. in order to keep its competitive advantage over a competition, especially the international one, constantly invests in product research and development through dedicated internal figures, well keeping in mind the requests and the expectations of the markets in which it operates, always keeping up with new technologies and continuously presenting highly innovative and high-performance products to the market, certifying in addition all its products in accordance with the most stringent regulations and guaranteeing the highest quality and safety standards.

i Com S.p.A., in order to be more and more present and to check all import operations, controls at 100%, the Company i Com TOYS LTD, which operates with its own location in Hong Kong and acts as an operating platform throughout Asia.

From the customs technical point of view, i Com SpA, since 2017 is recognized as an AEOFULL operator, whose Government authorization, guarantees priority in the assignment of the booking for the shipments by sea, in the customs clearance in export from origin and in import to destination procedures.

The company is highly seasonal, selling its products during Christmas period, with peaks of sell out of about 80% in the last 3 months of the year, but, as anticipated, even the school period has become extremely important to allow everyone to approach music in a correct way.

Introducing a child to music in a simple but correct way is the mission of our company which has always tried to enhance potential attitudes in the consumer.